Solar energy industry disrupted by coronavirus pandemic

E&E News reports that solar energy companies have reported supply chain disruptions from countries that manufacture the equipment vital to solar panel construction.
Ross Hopper addresses this problem in her letter, saying that “it is possible that companies could be unable to meet project delivery deadlines, which could change the tax treatment or eligibility for state incentives for those projects. We are looking into this and other implications at the federal and state level and advocating for policies as appropriate to accommodate the unexpected delays and detrimental impacts our industry is facing.” “We just don’t know how long this new normal in the U.S. of having people work from home and not allowing people to congregate will last,” said Ken Pedotto, CEO of U.S. company Solar Simplified. Optimistically, solar had a record-setting year in 2019, with studies stating that solar installations accounted for 40 percent of all new electricity generating capacity in the U.S.

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