COVID-19 may be having a devastating impact on our industries, social lives and personal grooming standards, but it is also prompting an outpouring of creativity in other arenas.

From Spiderman-esque wrist-mounted disinfectant sprays, to a wristband that buzzes whenever you’re about to touch your face, a wealth of new prototypes are demonstrating what human ingenuity is capable of in the face of adversity.

Here are just some of the newest coronavirus inventions.

Hands-free door openers
Several varieties of hygiene-friendly door-hook are in the pipeline – intended to help us navigate that tricky moment when we need to open doors with sanitized hands. Some door-opening devices have already found their way to market – including the “hygienehook”, created by London-based designer Steve Brooks.

Image: Steve Brooks/DDB Ltd

Masks and ventilators
Other recent patents that could genuinely save lives include a snood mask with an antiviral coating – from Virustatic Shield, which plans to scale up production to a million a week and reserve part of their stock for the UK’s National Health Service.

Image: Virustatic Shield

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