Medical student working to translate COVID-19 information into 37 languages to help non-English speakers

What we know about the coronavirus is evolving every day, so imagine if you didn’t have access to information to keep you safe. One Harvard Medical School student is working with a team to translate state and federal recommendations in 37 languages to help spread that potentially lifesaving information. Content Continues Below
“It’s really about meeting the communities where they are and making sure that they are delivering the information to them in their own native language in a manner that’s accessible and understandable to them,” Chandrashekar said. “We know that people in the Latinx and the African American communities and inner-city communities and poor communities have less access to health insurance (and) health care,” Dr. Oriol said. “We’ve seen socio-economic discrepancies in patients who live in a home with multigenerational family members and we’re seeing some bad effects from that,” Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said.

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