Coronavirus confinement: Thirteen tips to make self-isolating easier

In the days ahead many of us will be spending a lot more time in our homes. Some people will be working from home, some people will be self-isolating and too many people will be sick. For those who are well but struggling to cope with the confinement (and we include ourselves in that cohort, to be honest) thought we’d look for some diversions that will hopefully not only help us through the tough days ahead but might also save us a few bob. And – all going well – we’ll learn how to play the ukulele too.

1- Cook up a storm. If you are anything like Pricewatch you have mountains of cookbooks that you have bought over many years that you barely look at now.

2- Walkies. We can’t hang out with each other for a while. We all know that – or at least most of us do. And the ones who don’t need to start copping themselves on.

3- Statements of intent. Spend a little time in the days ahead getting your head around exactly where your money is going each month so you can work out what you can do to cut back.

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