How to make EASY FACE MASK in 1 MINUTE

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Dear My Yorians,
I hope all of you are staying safe.
This video is not about food or cooking. I am in Korea right now, and it is difficult to acquire a proper face mask that could shield me from infection. I heard it Is about the same or even worse in other countries.
Many countries, including the USA, forbids in or out of facial mask shipments. Therefore I would like to introduce you to a way to make your facial mask with a store-purchased filter and handkerchief.
I assume most of the people in Korea already know how to do this, so I would be using English subtitles. If you need a Korean subtitle, please turn the subtitle function and set the language to Korean. I sincerely hope everybody would stay safe and healthy until this pandemic is over.
I hope my video would help lots of you to stay and feel safe. Thank you.

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