“Every [tech] entrepreneur that I know is spending time on the pandemic response,” CEO of global start-up accelerator The Founder Institute Adeo Ressi tells CNBC Make It. “Many innovations will result from this global focus.” But these weak spots are opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate solutions, and many “are working to address the problems that we are facing right now, like a lack of testing and ventilators,” Ressi tells CNBC Make It. That includes things like artificial intelligence spread modeling, symptom-tracking solutions, chatbots for diagnoses and people-tracking with nearby infection notification, Ressi says.This space includes things like digital teleworking tools, home-schooling solutions, safe food delivery solutions, therapy and stress coping mechanisms, as well as symptom tracking innovation, Ressi tells CNBC Make It. Then there’s artificial-intelligence stock trading platfrom, Pynk, a Founder Institute portfolio company, which Ressi says is doing well as investors digest the economic changes coronavirus has wrought.“India just legalized telemedicine for primary care because of the Coronavirus,” Ressi tells CNBC Make It. “This businesses is exploding and plans to close a large pre-seed right any moment now.”
Innovation to reinvent hard-hit industries And Gusto, a small-business payroll provider, “has been working around the clock to help small businesses get loans via the Paycheck Protection Program,” Friedman says of the Y-Combinator backed start-up. “There are so many people who need support and specific services and they are lost about where to look — at the same time, those offering these resources are overwhelmed by the exponential increase in need.

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