The Pandemic Is Turning Some Doctors And Nurses Into Social Media Stars. But Some Aren’t Sure It’s A Good Thing.

The tense climate has affected almost everyone working in healthcare, and many like Campbell are turning to social media to help wrestle with the new reality. During a time when doctors and nurses are rightfully getting a ton of praise and recognition for their work, how can we make sure we’re giving it to the right, credible people? Hentrich has had a TikTok account for some time before COVID-19 cases escalated in the US, but his recent posts have all been work-related and have naturally seen much more engagement and views than any before. Dancing and participating in viral challenges has become an outlet for him to “let loose” completely in between surgeries and patient care, he said. Jeff Doucette, the chief nursing officer at the hospital, told BuzzFeed News the employees featured in their dance all work seven days a week in a new COVID-19 testing site. The team created this video, and other choreographed videos, as part of their pre-shift huddle to “boost morale.”
“We see this expression of joy as critical at a time like this,” said Doucette. “Our team does this prior to opening and prior to seeing any patients.


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