Facebook launches COVID-19 data maps for the US, will take its symptom tracking efforts global

Facebook will work with researchers from the University of Maryland on the expansion as the team at CMU’s Delphi develops an API that would allow any researcher to tap into the data set.With testing capacity still limited in many places, this kind of survey effort seeks to provide a more anticipatory picture of the virus and where it might be spreading next.The research team is introducing a tool called COVIDcast, which collects aggregated data about COVID-19 activity, sorted by geographic area. Facebook, particularly dogged by negative press and privacy scandals in recent years, was early to add UI elements promoting COVID-19 information from health experts on its platform. Still, Facebook and other social networks remain plagued by coronavirus misinformation, scammers and conspiracies, which spread quickly and have proven difficult for companies to stamp out.

Read more at: https://techcrunch.com/2020/04/20/facebooks-covid-19-survery-cmu-delphi-google/

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