Coronavirus: 'I faked having Covid-19 on Facebook and got arrested'

What he didn’t realise was that he’d be arrested, lose his job and face a trial that could see him behind bars.That would mean it had suddenly become far easier to catch it than by simply being too close to an infected individual who coughs or sneezes in your general direction.Mr Brandin says his point was to demonstrate that you can’t always believe everything you read online.And while he was trying to explain the truth to upset friends, what was happening offline became far more serious.But anxious people began to call the local hospital and ask if the news was true: how could they now protect themselves from an airborne invisible killer?The county sheriff told Facebook followers that the 23-year-old was now facing the criminal allegation of false alarm.Mr Brandin was accused of creating a “baseless” report of an emergency which, in turn, had triggered a response from law enforcement and medical officials.

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