Fact check: can coronavirus spread through farts?

Another study, published in the Lancet, examined 98 COVID-19 patients and found 55% of the patients had fecal samples that tested positive for the virus, some of them for weeks.The Daily Star article goes on to say that the China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced earlier this year that pants are an effective barrier against spreading the novel coronavirus through passed gas.As studies like those cited by Tagg indicated, scientists have detected viral remnants in feces, although Schaffner said it’s still unclear whether the virus can be spread in that way. The risk is expected to be minimal, however, based on evidence from related coronavirus outbreaks like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrom (MERS), according to the CDC. But Schaffner said that in places with modern plumbing today, that’s also an unlikely form of spread since fecal matter is flushed down the toilet and the system keeps the gases from coming back up. Ultimately, Schaffner said, while it’s theoretically possible, there’s no evidence and doesn’t appear to be a reason for people to worry about contracting COVID-19 from passed gas.

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