How to foster team morale during the pandemic

Managing remote teams is challenging enough: But with world events causing additional stress and life changes for everyone, traditional leadership tactics may need to be put aside to maintain a cohesive team. This confidence starts with preparedness and having the right foundation in place – including collaboration tools and a new strategy for how meetings and work will be conducted.Moving to video conferencing is a must; it will make meetings feel more personable and provide a level of transparency that traditional conference lines lack.While your goal may be to communicate that you’re a fearless leader who can handle anything, these actions can negatively impact those on your team who need to connect. You can do this by starting each meeting with prompts such as “I’m going to ask everyone for one new idea,” which allows more introverted personalities to gather their thoughts and feel more confident communicating with the team.There will certainly be bumps along the way, but if you enter this new way of work with clear intentions and a deep understanding of the needs of each team member, you can feel confident that you will all come out of this situation stronger.

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