Singapore’s economy will open up 'step by step' as COVID-19 cases fall: PM Lee

Mr Lee said that Singapore will progressively restart its economy after it brings down the number of new COVID-19 cases, but this will “not be straightforward”.These include sectors critical to keeping the domestic economy going and those that keep Singapore connected to the world and to global supply chains.“Other sectors will have to wait, especially those which attract crowds or involve close contact with other people, such as entertainment outlets and large-scale sporting events,” said Mr Lee. “We must keep all these different industries intact, ready to resume business when conditions allow.” He cautioned that the tourism and aviation industries will take much longer to recover, because international travel will remain restricted as long as COVID-19 is still a problem around the world.The airline, facing its biggest crisis ever, has cut passenger capacity by 96 per cent, asked pilots to take no-pay leave and cut the pay of its executives.

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