Cybersecurity And COVID-19: The First 100 Days

In a report to be released today that was exclusively provided to the author, security firm Mimecast examines the first 100 days of the crisis and the pattern of scams that has unfolded.Criminals have been matching their scams to the news, with detections rocketing, for example, during the week that saw the first reports of COVID-19 infections in the UK, Italy and Spain. In the week from 24 March, when the UK and Australia locked down, a spoofed WHO ‘Safety COVID-19 Awareness’ email did the rounds, appearing far more professional, says the team, than previous efforts.”Other sectors of the economy have significantly reduced their workforces or furloughed employees, reducing the available attack surface for threat actors to exploit across other verticals.” “Many companies had to rush to implement a work from home process with staff that had never had any cyber security awareness training, which obviously had a negative impact,” says Wearn. “It is important to be vigilant when communicating with third parties and suppliers, as there may well be an increase in the range of businesses folding in the coming months, and criminals may seek to exploit a company’s previous clients or customers,” says Wearn.

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