The World Food Program’s Coronavirus Fight—and How You Can Help

Image: UNHCR/F. Noy
To make sure these programs are disrupted as little as possible, the WFP is looking to implement creative, tech-driven solutions to food supply chain, production, and delivery systems—and innovative startups and individuals can help.“And compared to just a few years ago, the cost of many technologies has come down dramatically.” These are some of the innovations that have helped the WFP feed people before and during Covid-19.An early warning system is in place for areas that slide into high risk, and the WFP is also using data from this tool to keep tabs on how the pandemic is impacting security in vulnerable places.“We need to be able to merge different data sets so that we can understand, at the same time, things like how much these programs are costing, who is eating what, and where there problems we need to focus on,” Burbano said. In Burundi, for example, schools are testing a web-based system called School Connect. It digitizes data entry related to school food stock inventory, student attendance, and meal consumption, which helps administrators improve supply chain planning and kids’ nutrition.

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