Fake coronavirus cures on social media include ginger, honey & hot air

Social media is full of cures for coronavirus, you will be spoilt for choice with ginger to honey, hot air and even sex.Alcohol is a miracle cure at least that’s what a Whatsapp forward claims and thousands in Iran believed as over 700 died of alcohol poisoning in the country.It is a decoction made of basil, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger and raisin and it is now being pegged as a cure for COVID-19. The fact is gargling is recommended for a sore throat but there is no evidence that it can prevent COVID-19. A bizarre news report claims that sex can cure coronavirus, apparently, the heat produced by the body can kill the virus. The obsession with temperature aside, this so-called cure challenges one’s basic intelligence, no amount of breathing in hot air can cure you of coronavirus.

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