What The Post-Pandemic World Needs Is A Solar Energy Revolution

Today, virtually everything that most people think they know about solar energy, about the days when only subsidies made solar installations profitable and some generated power with diesel engines at night, is completely obsolete and outdated. Those who are unable to understand this change and who wish to continue to rely on the old way of generating energy using fossil fuels will surely be missing out on the most transformative technology we have seen in a long time. Investments in solar energy plants are multiplying all over the world and are now much cheaper than they were a few years ago, which is leading even some Arab countries or others, like India, to see them as a long-term solution. The sun does not shine at night, although the batteries needed to store the excess energy that the panels generate during the day are also increasingly cheap and accessible. In many countries, they will need to combine solar energy with hydropower, wind energy and storage to create a truly self-sufficient system.

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