Top 10 Excuses Offered For Not Wearing Masks Despite Covid-19 Coronavirus

Really? As you can see, each of these customers give a reason on why he or she is refusing to wear a mask even though the business is requesting all customers to do so. Freedom has never meant, “do whatever you would like.” How would you feel if someone decided to not wear any clothes and fart with impunity in your workplace, at school, or outside your house? Vicky Forster has already covered and debunked for Forbes claims that wearing masks will affect your immune system or give you carbon dioxide poisoning. Assuming that your mask is not made out of some strange material like cement or Viagra patches, the mask should not harm you as long as you can breathe reasonably comfortably through it and aren’t allergic to the material. Many, many people regularly face discrimination at their workplaces, at schools, in their dating and social lives, and even in public because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and physical state. The customer doesn’t want this option because it would mean giving the store her name and credit card number, which is kind of what you do every time you go shopping, assuming that you don’t always pay in cash or gold bullion.Unless someone is sticking a cotton swab up your nose every minute or so and then immediately testing it for Covid-19 coronavirus and getting back the results, you don’t know when you might become infectious. In this CNBC news segment, President Donald Trump explains that he doesn’t need to wear a mask because he has tested negative for the virus.Wedding vows don’t tend to include the kicker “to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, as long as he or she doesn’t wear a mask during a pandemic.”

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