COVID-19: Internet 'rife with misinformation' about Vitamin D, say scientists

The scientists from the UK, Europe and USA, including experts from the University of Birmingham, have published a consensus paper in the journal ‘BMJ, Nutrition, Prevention and Health’ ​warning against the use of ‘mega doses’ of vitamin D for preventing or treating the virus.
Several studies published over the passed couple of months have noted a link between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 mortality, with several concluding that daily supplementation could help reduce virus severity. But the current paper takes issue with reports concluding that doses higher than the safe upper limit of 4,000IU/d could reduce the risk of contracting the virus and be used to successfully treat it. The report states: “Popular information channels, such as social media platforms, have been rife with misinformation that has been perpetuated by fear and uncertainty. Those at highest risk of infection due to having chronic disease, low 25(OH)D status, and/or being in frequent contact with others likely to be infected should be taking vitamin D,” ​he says.

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