China issues white paper on fighting COVID-19

China on Sunday published a white paper outlining its detailed steps and measures in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, which demonstrates to the world how China won the arduous fight.It also shows how China has timely and effectively curbed the viral spread, delivering a strong rebuke to Western media and politicians’ rancorous accusations of China on alleged “cover-up” and “delay” in its response.He said that China has dispatched 29 medical expert teams to 27 countries to help them fight the virus, and is now providing viral control assistance to 150 countries and four international organizations. Ma Zhaoxu said certain countries are going against historical trends, throwing mud at China for their own failures in controlling the virus, and fabricating and disseminating a political virus. Through the efforts and solidarity of the whole nation, the rest of China, except Hubei, witnessed 10 consecutive days of drop in new infections on February 14; on March 11, new local confirmed cases nationwide slowed to one digit numbers.China is willing to promote international cooperation and will make a vaccine a global public good when it is available, as the country previously promised, Wang Zhigang, the director of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, said at the press conference. Five COVID-19 vaccines have so far reportedly entered into clinical trials in China. Some experts predict that China may be the first country in the world to successfully achieve large scale production of a coronavirus vaccine.Patient in severe condition each costs more than 150,000 yuan in average, some in critical condition even cost up to a million yuan, and the expense will be paid by government, reads the white paper.

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White Paper: Fighting COVID-19 China in Action (Full Text)

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