Coronavirus: Calls for awareness of long-term effects

Calls have been made for greater awareness of the long term effects of coronavirus, with some patients reporting symptoms for weeks on end.”It’s quite depressing really, you get over the original Covid symptoms and then you start with other things, which never really come to an end.”At some point you start to doubt yourself, whether you’re making yourself ill, you expect it to be 14 days and away you go, fit and healthy again, Online support groups have been set up for people who have continued to suffer persistent health issues after being diagnosed with Covid-19.Alison Cairess, 57, said she had started to question her sanity until she read about other people going through similar experiences.Before getting ill she would run every day but recently she has been resting and trying to recover from “one of the worst experiences of my life”.”When friends ring up and say ‘how are you?’ they expect me to say ‘I’m better now’ but no, I’m still going through it.

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