Here’s what the first coronavirus “swab robot” can teach us about fast innovation

The university is in the city of Odense, home to a world-famous robotics cluster, which allowed the team to draw on a large pool of specialists, and build on existing research infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies.But they also inspire us to do better once our lives return to normal, and provide valuable insights into what it takes to excel under pressure. Speaking as a member of the swab robot team, here are four lessons the project taught us about how to innovate in a fast and effective way that produces life-saving results: We learned that working towards a common, meaningful goal can motivate people to try and achieve the impossible, and help tackle an unprecedented global problem at record speed. Our situation was of course exceptional, but all researchers and team leaders could take a moment to consider how their work contributes to the greater good, and orient their projects towards a meaningful goal.

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