Due to this, Google has announced on Friday, July 17, there will be no COVID-19 conspiracy ads on the platform to make sure that all info people get from the net is mostly accurate. Like for example, reports said that 5G tech released the COVID-19 that infects people, even adding assumptions that the Novel Coronavirus is just the flu? As reported on Bloomberg, there is a $19 million industry in the conspiracy ad revenues in the fake COVID-19 news, which was the reason why the company thinks that the search engine is now exposed to more numbers of fake news every day. “We are putting additional safeguards in place by expanding our harmful health claims policies for both publishers and advertisers to include dangerous content about a health crisis that contradicts scientific consensus,” a spokesperson told The Verge. When there’s the internet, there is a possibility of people sharing fake news all the time, especially now that COVID-19 is a worldwide problem for everyone.

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